Jun 18, 2018

Create a Cupcake Carrier!

Oh - this project was such a long time in the making - the stories that became attached to it.....well - there are many, lol.  Many more than I intended.  Just as well that the Cupcakes are a "series" that my local camp girls will be doing - so I will have some time to share some of the highs....and the lows that went with them along the way!
First - we are back from a fun (if a little warm) family trip with my mom, sister, nieces and grandnephews - and then a very warm Father's Day round of golf at the Brickyard yesterday - while there was a race going on.  It's not often you can golf inside the track while they are racing - so that was a treat.  Also not often that you can yell to each other on the course.....  But for now, there are not any other plans to travel for the summer.  Wanderlust is known to hit quickly though - so who knows?  The next trips on the books are back to back and literally days apart - with my brother and his family to Orlando and then fly back here for just a couple of days and turn around to go back to go to Orlando again with all my girls for On Stage in Orlando!

A round about way to tell you - THAT is where this project came from.  It is actually a project from Shelli and Sara's presentation at On Stage in Salt Lake last November.  Sara presented it then, I jotted down to do it....time flies by.... and I never got to it.  She then shared it during a Facebook Live.  I saved that - and you can watch that HERE and get the pattern from it as well.  If you can not get the link to work - you can go to Sara Douglass, Stampin' Up! CEO on Facebook and scroll down to the posts on January 31st.  She has the video and then a second post with the patterns and pictures.

We did do this project in May - as it is a great use of our Designer Series Paper.  We used retiring papers then - for those projects we used the Sweet Soiree, those samples are on my Facebook page.  Unfortunately my Kitchenaid stand mixer broke just after we returned from Ireland.  My husband ordered the parts to fix it - they were on back order.  It became a long nightmare of dealing with Kitchenaid and their customer service.  

So - in May - I wasn't able to make the cupcakes, the girls just made the boxes.  I went to the local grocery store and bought a single (rather ugly) cupcake.  I came home put it on my table to put it in the box and my dear cat started licking off the frosting.  Apparently he LOVES cupcakes.... 
Who knew?  Once I boxed it up - it became apparent I had keep the entire project where he couldn't get to it and he became obsessed with finding it.

Here is the video for THIS month's project - you will see he again makes an appearance - and I have to protect the cupcake....

After I filmed I realized that the scoring bits are out of the camera range - sorry about that - but we will be making the box again!  I was going to skip a month - BUT (here is some scoop for you..... designer series paper is on SALE in July) so we will be making them again.  I will film again - but this time it might not be cupcakes in the boxes~

The cupcakes are a lemon sour cream cupcake frosted with a cream cheese lemon curd frosting.  I didn't have any jarred lemon curd here but I did have a bag of "orange" lemons.  They were Meyer Lemons - but everytime I put them out for tea everyone thought they were oranges?  I can be an impatient cook - which is not helpful in making lemon curd.  But this batch of lemon curd was AMAZING.  Maybe it was the lemons?  But I didn't quite add all that was called for to the frosting because I wanted to save some of the curd for some crumpets.  Of course I have yet to make any crumpets. : )   Close my eyes and it can take me straight back to Scotland!
The boxes are super simple.  They ARE one of those projects that each time you make them they become easier and easier.  So don't give up after one time.  

The base is made with our fun little mini pizza boxes, so they are super sturdy.  The window sheet is scored.  

It is also one of the fun times that you get to see BOTH sides of the Designer Series Papers!  In May we used the cut our portion of the window to make gift tags to attach.  This month we had lots to do on our other projects, so just tying the twine around gives it a nice 'bakery' feel.

I will be sharing the recipes - my lemon curd recipe is the one I did bring back from Scotland with me in the 80s.  I know that it's all the rage to make it in the Instant Pot these days....as I stood over the 'hob" stirring and stirring - I did wonder if it might be worth a try.

So - let's wrap up this kind of all over the place post..... 1)If your Kitchenaid mixer breaks - thanks to one of my friends/downline - don't mess with kitchenaid.  She told me how to get it replaced easily.  I was seriously going to blow mine up and film it for this website, lol.  2) sorry about the position of the camera AND the cat in the video! 3) when things are going bad...just keep going - the cupcakes eventually make an appearance!

Til then - remember the June online special.  
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Jun 12, 2018

Very Vintage - 2018-2019 Hostess Set - Some More Lovely Sample Ideas For You!

Yesterday I shared with you a card I created that we made at my June New Catalog camp - and the video of how to do it - if you want to give collage stamping a try!
If you missed that post - you can go see it HERE.

Today - I have 2 more card ideas using the same beautiful stamp set.  They are both designed by my friend Susan.  I know I have mentioned our 'shoebox swaps' before - and this card is one that she brought to our last Shoebox Swap.

She designed it, I made it.  So - let me apologize for the super bad punch job, lol.  The Shoebox Swap was at my house - so when you are stamping and hostessing...sometimes something suffers....apparently my punching was a little wonky.  It happens to the best of us!  I hope that makes ya'all feel better!  The Granite makes an appearance in all THREE of these samples.  This card it is paired with the newly returned Mint Macaron.

This card is stamped to perfection - as it is a swap that Susan made herself and gave to me, lol.  Seafoam plays a bigger roll in the paper - such a beautiful color!
Did I mention that when I return from this trip away some of us (including Susan and I) will be spending a tiny bit of time with someone from Stampin' Up's home office here in Indy?  
So VERY excited!

I love the large stamp of flowers in this set - love that they can be colored in here as a beautiful focal point - or you can simply stamp them all crazy everywhere like I did in my video and they help you create your own very vintage backgrounds.

One Stamp Set.  Three Vintage Cards.

Because this is a Hostess set - you get it for a super low price too.  The 10 piece set is just $13.50 in the Clear Mount.  I am taking Hostess bookings for Online Parties in JULY currently.  You can live anywhere in the US to host those.  Or - if you are still accumulating your first initial order from the new catalog and putting together all the new color items - you may find that your order is over $150.  I have some specials at the moment for orders over $150 (which means you are your OWN hostess!) So contact me for those before the month ends.  You could add this set to that order!

 Til then - remember the June online special.  
All online orders that use the June Host Code X3XDAZDG
will receive a Simple Shammy from me in July!

Just a few more days to get a catalog from me that will include a coupon book for this catalog year. All orders placed online the hostess code over $35 will get the catalog and coupon book - offer expires June 30. 

Jun 11, 2018

Very Vintage - A 2018-2109 Stampin' Up! Hostess Set!

Are you loving the new 2018-2019 Catalog?  I have so many fun things ready to show you!!!  But as is usual in our little corner of the world crazy crazy busy continues!  My daughter has gotten moved out - which was (of course a lot of work).  Those of you who have had the ....experience....of helping your adult children move in/out/in/back out again/etc know it doesn't get any simpler.

She is mostly out.  She is also switching schools - so we also moved a classroom out.  And nearly every nook and cranny of her apartment looks like it has come straight off a Pinterest page.  Which requires assistance from the Parentals.....  (who does she get this from?!!)  It didn't help that it was all happening over catalog switchover, Memorial Day AND helping a Bride with wedding invitations - oh AND June Camp!
Feel free to ask the question after my next sentence....
We leave on Wednesday for a few days away!
"Do you EVER stay home?"
It's ok - everyone else has asked, lol
BUT - I have been filming and photographing....(is that a word?)
See - here is PROOF - with a video that was actually filmed DAYS ago!!!

Just a couple of tips if you would like to try a collage card and have not before.  First - start with your largest images and work down to the smallest.  As you go you can fill in the areas that need it with the smaller ones.  Don't be afraid to overlap - it will get a little - messy, but that's ok!  Use the strongest colored ink for your smallest image as well - and use it sparingly.  On this card I used the new Spruce with the bee - just some highlights were plenty.  

This set is one of the new hostess sets from the catalog this year.  There are several sets in this 30th anniversary catalog that have a 'feel' to sets that were around waaaaay back when - you know in those early days when some of us where around and the internet didn't exist for us to even post a card or dream of TAKING A PICTURE ON A PHONE with!  This set reminds me of some of these sets.  I love the collage style.  I also used some of the new colors - I can already tell that the Granite will be making appearances on many, many projects to come.

Check back tomorrow - I will have 2 fun cards made with the same set - designed by my friend Susan!

  Til then - remember the June online special.  
All online orders that use the June Host Code X3XDAZDG
will receive a Simple Shammy from me in July!

Just a few more days to get a catalog from me that will include a coupon book for this catalog year. All orders placed online the hostess code over $35 will get the catalog and coupon book - offer expires June 30. 

And check out the shopping list for this card below.

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Jun 4, 2018

It's New Catalog Pick and Camp Week!

Friday June 8 
You can stop by pick up a copy of a catalog for just $5 ($5 will be taken off the first order you place!)  Coupon Books are included with every catalog picked up that day.
Pick up times are 10-noon and 7:30-8:30pm.  You do need to reserve your copy of the catalog and let me know that you will be coming.
Camp is also Friday Catalogs are included as part of your camp fee, if you did not get one in May.
Morning Camp is 9:30 and Evening Camp is 7pm.  Cost for Camp is $20 or FREE with a $65 purchase.  There will be a few new catalog specials that are for CAMPERS only.  You will also get your Coupon Books at camp that night.
The final way to get your catalog and your Coupon Book is to place an Online Order of over $35.  All orders placed in June will have a catalog mailed that include the Coupon Books - after that....no more Coupon Books!
to reserve your camp seat or a pick up catalog I need to hear from you no later than WEDNESDAY 9pm!
this camp has some really great projects - and is a good one if you are newer to stamping - we are not doing anything difficult.  this would be a great time to give it a try!
Here are 4 of our projects - we will also be doing the second in our series of cupcake boxes and another project that features one of the new Hostess sets!

Watch this spot and you will see the samples and the videos!

If you are not local (or ARE and can not make it to camp) then this month I am going to try something new.....

Place any order by Monday June 11 
and uses the June Host Code X3XDAZDG and 
I will send you this month's special (the Simply Shammy
AND the consumable supplies(cardstock, ribbon, etc) needed to make the card that we made at camp for the stamps that you purchased!!

As the week goes on this week - I will be revisiting these projects.  They have already been posted - but it was before I was able to add the shopping lists.

Jun 1, 2018

PDF Version of the Catalog is Now Online!

If you do not yet have a hard copy of the catalog - the PDF version is now online.

Simply scroll over on the right hand side of my site - down to the SECOND image of the catalog that you see and hit that link.  That will download the PDF of the catalog.

Then - if you would like a hard copy, simply place an order of $35 or more on my site (www.cheri.stampinup.net) and I will get one in the mail to you next week!