Mar 30, 2007

Spring break starts today! Yea!!! Got an email from school, they will have less than 40 days left once they return and 40 suprises before the end of the year. That is kinda suprise they found about today is a semi-formal dance at the school, just for their class. But, it does make me realise just how quickly summer shall be here!

Here are 3 cards to keep you inspired over break. The first uses Best Bar Codes and is designed by Susan. The second is stunning and designed by Nancy. The last one was made by Tonya. Enjoy!

Mar 29, 2007

A cool project via California!

Here is a great project - from a Stamping friend in California. There are a couple of things that I truly love about this Birthday calendar...
*it is perpetual - you place all your birthdays on it ONE time and it is done! Keep it forever!
*The colors she used - very bright and happy!
*AND, it is a project you can make for YOU! So many of the things we stamp we give away - this one stamps up so quickly and is so inexpensive - you can always stamp more to give away, but do keep one for yourself......{although, it would be a great Mother's Day gift for our moms who don't 'need' anything!}
We will be making them in April, don't miss it!

Mar 26, 2007

A few more...

I LOVE the chickens and have stamped with them much more than I every dreamed I would when I was inspired to order them by my friend Beth.

Mar 23, 2007

Punchin... the old fashion way!

It is not that I have never met a craft I didn't like {but} I do like the quick crafts, the ones I can pick up and finish in just a few minutes or at most an hour or two....
Well, tonight we take a break from the zillion of great punches that line my shelves ~ and delve into my current lastest love {punchneedle}
Here is my lastest creation, this one is from a pattern. It is so easy..... you literally just punch the needle thru the weavers cloth and viola' - you have a great little piece of art.
Punchneedle is a VERY old craft - and many of the designs are primitave to fit the time period. I love antiques, so this fits right into to the eclectic style of many of my seasonal decorations!
The back of the finished project is just as cool as the front - it is like using the double sided papers and being sad that one of them will not be seen!
Tonight some ladies are joining me for an informal evening of
punching - no cardstock involved!!
Hm, anybody need some beads?? I have not beaded a thing for month.... and I am left with an abundance of them......
so for now, it is punchneedle......til I find another craft to love!

Mar 21, 2007

Ever have days when you don't have time to stamp?
That has been ME recently.....taxes, re-carpeting (thus re-organizing!) my office and preparing for our annual demonstrator training day that shall be here before we know it.....
Thankfully, I have friends who can stamp so incredibly I have some new samples to show you! This beautiful card was made by Theresa....totally lovely....
Here are some more by Theresa and one by Debbie - all with the same stamp. This stamp is just plain cool.... the flower does two step stamping, with just one inking..... makes your want to rid your stash of all the old style flowers and refill with the new designs. When looking at the mini catalog, pay careful attention, several stamps have the two-tone effect. If you are on my mailing list, this set is on special for you!
Finally, here are the samples we made at a recent punch class. There have been several requests to have another class, so watch the calendar, one will be added soon. AND, I have even MORE punch designs, so the class will be a 1.5 class, if you came to the first, you can attend the second and just make the additional designs!