Mar 23, 2007

Punchin... the old fashion way!

It is not that I have never met a craft I didn't like {but} I do like the quick crafts, the ones I can pick up and finish in just a few minutes or at most an hour or two....
Well, tonight we take a break from the zillion of great punches that line my shelves ~ and delve into my current lastest love {punchneedle}
Here is my lastest creation, this one is from a pattern. It is so easy..... you literally just punch the needle thru the weavers cloth and viola' - you have a great little piece of art.
Punchneedle is a VERY old craft - and many of the designs are primitave to fit the time period. I love antiques, so this fits right into to the eclectic style of many of my seasonal decorations!
The back of the finished project is just as cool as the front - it is like using the double sided papers and being sad that one of them will not be seen!
Tonight some ladies are joining me for an informal evening of
punching - no cardstock involved!!
Hm, anybody need some beads?? I have not beaded a thing for month.... and I am left with an abundance of them......
so for now, it is punchneedle......til I find another craft to love!

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