May 6, 2007

Chickens are outta Cluck!

Saying so long to my next favorite set on the List - Best of Cluck, looks like the chickens are out of time.....

They are fun and so many uses for them. I have a recipe card I am doing this week for Pavlova (one of our favorite Aussie desserts - actually for Ris's birthday we often do a Pav - which takes about 8 egg whites and then 2 Peanut Butter Pies - which takes about 8 egg yolks - the perfect match for her Aussie/American citizenship combo! Now, back to stamps...) The chickens are PERFECT if you have a stamped recipe book, like me and all my stamping buddies do.

This past week we were planning another book - the criteria being a oh so yummy girl food AND have a stamp that can match! Priorities you know!
Today is the Last day to take advantage of my "Love the New, Love the Old sale!" Details are in Friday's posting.

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