Jul 31, 2007

so silly!

How old are we??? Well, at least we came from a generation that couldn't take frivolous pictures when you had to pay for the film and developing! We took lots of self portraits and personally, I am looking forward to scrapping with them!
This one was taken while we were walking across stage. Goobers, I know!

More from Denver!

The convention center was decked out in the theme of - Dream Big. Here are some of the pillars as you enter the main doors.

Our shuttle driver picked us up by the "blue bear" seen here peering in MUCH larger than life into the convention center windows.

Free stamps.... one of the best perk's from convention. Here is some of my stash. I came home with a suitcase that was 10 pounds heavier!

This set is adorably wrapped by my friend Tami - almost too cute to undo, but I LOVE the set that it is inside, so it is open and mounted!

Convention has lots of traditions - one is gifts for those who attend. Here is a great journal, card and some fun Hawaiin decorations. My roommate had a Hawaii theme in our room to inspire us toward the next incentive trip!

Make and Takes galore - loved most all of them this year!

Susan and Theresa get an award for 20K of sales in one year!

More Denver Pics

One of my favorite demonstrations this year was done by Shelli Gardner on Home Decor. I love the garlands and had already put that class into this quarters calendar, but she showed so much more. Here are her Thanksgiving and Winter vinettes.

Bonus for me - she used seasonal trees - of which I have several AND the white pottery in the Winter piece? I already have those too! Now to order all the other supplies to make the things. The pictures are chock full of details, so make sure to look closely!

This is one of the samples from Main Stage on Punches. They totally used punches - on everything!

Lunch with Indy Gals.

Susan and I after getting the Leadership awards.
Still lots more pictures to come, so stay tuned!

Jul 30, 2007

Denver Highlights!

I just sent my downline demonstrators a few pictures from convention - but I was limited by my email service to the number I could send. Here you will find random (and in no order whatsoever!) more pictures. I will add more later!

Samples from general session - using the new giant snowflake from the Holiday Mini.
Samples from Pam Morgan that use the wrapping paper and Simply Scrappin kits.
Stamp a Rama Pajama Party - night before convention even started (nothing like starting out totally exhausted!)

Samples from general session typograhy demonstration.

Last pic from late the last night at Awards Night. we get a bit slap happy!

View from On Stage as Susan and I received our leadership awards.

Day 2 General Session - all Indy gals!

Day 1 General Session - most of our group - with our new scrappin' bags!

Last night of convention - Awards Night.

Theresa's 10 year march - she is on the jumbotron!

There are many more to come, so check back later!

Jul 26, 2007

Hello from Denver!

Just a quick update from convention
We arrived Tuesday - checked in and met up with a dear friend who I have known forever and she joined a group of us for dinner. Wednesday morning we were up WAY too early (hate that alarm clock in your body that says it is 7am, when it is only 5am mountain time!) We were out of the hotel by 7:30 am and I wasn't back til midnight. LOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNG day. We stamped some great projects, nearly all of which will make it to a camp soon!

Today - up again at 5:30 am and out by 7. General Session was fun - again some GREAT stamping ideas and techniques. I have a quick moment before I need to run to work at a coloring class.....

Jul 23, 2007

A Stack of Stamping....

See, I told you ~ I have been stamping...... Just not the kind that I find terribly motivating!

Here is what close to 200 stamped cardfronts look like. I can't take credit for all of the work, Karisa did a fair bit of it (thus earning her some merchandise from Memento Mall!).

Stamping trades doesn't have a lot of inspirational value, but when you are done - it does give a great sense of accomplishment! Even more so when you get to go dispose of the your own cards and trade them for great ideas from other stampers.

I leave tomorrow for the Stampin' Up! covention in Denver...... We have computer access, but I am working, so not quite sure if I will have time to add any posts. You can always check back to look. If I can find a moment, I will try to put up some pictures from the displays.

Jul 16, 2007



Last Friday we had a demonstrator meeting here. I can not tell you how much I enjoy the company of these ladies. Not only can they stamp - but they can cook and we stamped and ate, a truly wonderful way to spend your afternoon!

I will be posting some of the designs by the other gals, first these are by Theresa. Her stamping designs rock! These all feature this year's punch box - which will have a special with it in August - be looking for that!

Jul 13, 2007

Jul 12, 2007

Stamped Samples!

Here is the final project that we did at debut

This next card is for July camp

Jul 7, 2007

Up this morning at 3:30am - actually I would call that middle of the night. Karisa is now in Mexico City on her mission trip. I talked to her about an hour ago, she is "so" excited ~ about everything.

Jul 2, 2007

too tired to stamp!

Why is it that sometimes it seems the more sleep you get, the more sleep you need (don't tell me it is age!). I had hoped to stamp this evening, buy my eyes are sooooooooooo tired! Luckily for me (and you!) I have a sample here from my stamping friend Nancy - using new sets and new colors. Til I get my groove back - enjoy this sample from her!

Summer Whirlwind!

Wow, what a wonderful couple of weeks have just flown by!! I have not stamped a thing and really not even been in my office much as I took a mini vacation.... That changes a bit starting this week ~ and then next week is full on work (albeit the fun kind!) Here is a snap of Traverse City, our 13 Year old birthday celebration at Brown County and Karisa's 'friends' party which was last night.

Debut is Sunday and Monday, Camp next Thursday and Downline meetings on Friday. Karisa will be in Mexico, so cramming a bunch in then. This week holds prep for all - as well as a family birthday/July 4th party here.

Did I even mention - new catalog is here????!!! Love it! That makes me eager to start stamping.