Aug 28, 2007

This Week's Class

Friday night we are getting into the Fall groove - I just can't care that it still close to 100 degrees outside (literally, unfortunately!).

I am off to a golf match........happy stamping!

Aug 21, 2007

More western gear!

Here is a fun notebook cover - I made it with the thin chipboard that goes behind the designer series papers - and no pattern needed! I don't do many things that require patterns....but if I can lay it down and just fold it - all the better.

Aug 16, 2007

BoHo West

Got to go cut paper for this weekend's camp - and prepare snacks for Karisa's High School Musical 2 tomorrow night. Can't wait to catch the latest in the Troy and Gabriella show:)

Aug 8, 2007

August Events

School starts Monday.....can you believe it?? I have taken a few more days off and then will be back into my normal routine starting next week. It feels like absolutely forever since I have had a class, but several are gearing up to start! Here are some sneak peeks:

August Camp

Aug 1, 2007

Tired of Denver yet?

Debbie and Theresa earned their 100K milestone - for that you get a ruby pin AND a nice $1000 check!
Here they are on stage - as seen through the teleprompter!
Lots of displays. I didn't take great pictures of many of them - a) thought I would remember more than I did.... b) we can buy CDs and have access to more of the projects/instructions on our websites. Chipboard and punched/layered flowers were a BIG thing...... you can learn how at some of my upcoming classes!

Here are two more of Shelli's demonstrations. The pumpkin garland is to die for and definatley one we will be making! It naturally fit into my garland class, but that is too far away, so we may actually do that project at the Home Decor class later this month.

Kinda hard to see, but there are a few penny cards on the right hand corner. We have not done one of those for a while...will need to soon!

Two really fun things in this picture are the altered dixie cup tray for favors and a photo album designed to hold all your CDs full of pictures!

More of the tons of samples with punches. Had Punch One and Punch Two - three is on the schedule.....and will need at least a 4 to get everything in!
That is about it for Denver Convention, back to regular scheduled postings of my own artwork {that is until early September and Louisville Regionals!}