Sep 24, 2007

Golf and Way discounted Retired Sets!

Tonight is Karisa's last golf match - a nice autumn day - of over 90 degrees......
I have enjoyed this season much more than the other sports she has done - partly because she enjoys it and partly because golf as a game has better etiquette - so there are no nasty parents, no jeering softball cheers, no yelling coaches, no coaching parents, no suspect calls by umpires, just the game......
I have made some little chipboard scrapbooks for the girls to remember the season by.

On Saturday - I did my first round of test cupcakes for a couple of stamping projects..... my family (and friends) are going to be taste testing for me. I need one batch that will photograph well for a project - frosting queen I am not. The other batch (or batches) are ones need easy prep, taste as good on day 2 AND be totally yummy!

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