Feb 28, 2008

Airbags, Swim meets, Puppies and more!

Today is one that gets chocked up to - another it has to be done day:)

I should be getting ready for some fellow demonstrators to come over this morning. Instead, I am taking the van to the dealers to get a recalled airbag problem fixed.

While there, I am dragging the last of my tax stuff with me and hoping to finish off the last few calculations and come home and get them submitted.

Karisa's swim meet tonight is in Noblesville, love you northsiders - I just have been there a lot lately!! This little 2 4 6 8 box is one we did at my workshop on Monday night (in Noblesville, thus the tie in:)

Our house has been full of puppies lately - here we have Daddy and his two daughters. T is on vacation so Lilly is here with us - and my grandmother (who will be 90 in April) has been in the hospital and then moved to a rehab/nursing home - so Mom has been up.

While visiting Tuesday, my grandma told me she didn't like being there with "all these old people" - nothing sloooooooows down time like sitting in a place like that for a few hours.

off to begin my day!


{Happy Homes} said...

Awwwwhhh,we miss our puppy;0). They do look like daddy.

Nicole said...

Cute puppies! Cute box, too! Hope you've had some time to relax!

Sandi Berg said...

Cute bag! Love the look of the flower!