Mar 25, 2008

Tile Coasters

I so don't like when Easter is cold - and when it was as early as it was this year (we had snowflakes for heaven's sake!) that is bound to happen. I love the outside shots of the kids - so when resorting to inside pictures from Sunday, I did mess a bit with them in Elements and came up with some fun looks. Karisa hates the neon application! I thought it was kinda fun, must be the 80's girl in me!
The tile is for Saturdays class.


Erin... said...

cute tile!! i don't like cold easters either!

Lizette said...

We had a snowy Easter here but it wasn't very cold which was nice. We usually go to the local fairgrounds where they hide little eggs and the kids go wild but it was done on the Friday this year (usually they do it on the Saturday) so we missed it :(
Looks like you had a great Easter !