Apr 23, 2008

Another recommendation!


Here is a great book - click the link above and you can get it from my Amazon store!!

My family loves bread - me, I can take it or leave it - I have been in countries where bread is an event - then I love it. Over the last few years Indy has seen a rise in bakeries, etc - but I can even live without it then.

I use my bread machine fairly often - but it requires planning at a point in the day when I am not thinking about dinner. Especially now when the weather is beautiful - cold wintry days I think about big pots of soup and fresh bread.

My mom saw a blog that mentioned this fairly new book - Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day. Let me tell you -it is FAB! We have only tried a few of the recipes - but the concept is mixing together a large batch of dough (I just used my hand mixer, no kneading) stick it in the fridge (for up to FOURTEEN days!) and pull out the size that you need and cook. The book is filled with lots of basic recipes and then variations on them all. Granola bread, Cinnamon rolls, pastries, naan, pizza crust, etc. You literally stir it together and then plonk it out of the fridge to rise and bake!

If the price of bread at Pannera's or some similar bakery causes you to not buy - then get the book. Bake these same kinds of breads for a fraction of the cost!!

You can probably get free shipping from Amazon if you combine this book with last weeks recommendation!

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