Apr 13, 2008

A guessing game!

As part of my online demonstrator meeting last night I had a game for the girls

Now it is YOUR turn! See if you can figure out what I did on each of these samples.

Simply email your answers to me. The one who answers the MOST correctly will win a card featuring one of these designs!

The samples all use the same stamp "Riot of Petals" - it is a background stamp - but obviously it works well on it's own!

I have a class coming up this month that includes the stamp itself and supplies to make 6 projects (some of them have snippets shown here!)

The winner of the contest will be from the most correct answers sent in to me by Tuesday morning - so send them soon!

1 comment:

Cheri said...

if you do not have my email address and wish to particpate in the contest - join my list on the sidebar and when I get your email thru that - I will send you my address. I don't like having my email online - I get enough SPAM already!