Apr 28, 2008

Sunday Stampin' and Summer Videos

Yesterday we had the first of Sunday Stampin - once a quarter or so I am going to offer a leisurely (4 easy projects) Stamp afternoon on a Sunday - a chance to get away for some girl time. The next one will be in July - watch your emails for details. You can see the four projects we made here - as well as a table full of samples!
Also - as we count down to summer - I am going to highlight some of my (and pretty much Karisa's!) favorite movies. You can purchase them all from my store on the left (the link for today's is http://astore.amazon.com/paperscapes-20/105-1794340-4266809)
It costs so much to go to the movies these days (especially when you have to get popcorn!) That it is so much cheaper to just buy the DVD and enjoy it over and over again! The picks we have made - we have watched them over and over again ourselves. In fact, just watching the trailer here makes me want to pop it in now - but I don't have the time! Get yourself a copy and make a stack of lazy summer days entertainment!
This movie has it all - Jane Austen, India, Bollywood, London and even Sayid! If you are an Austen fan - this is a must have! We hope you enjoy it!

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