May 29, 2008

Blingin' it Up! one time purchase club

Sign up for this ONE Time purchase club before noon Friday and take 20% off, making your total just $20!!

This club is perfect for having a whole lot of bling in various assorted colors/textures for your cards - it is a great selection to have on hand to brighten up all your summer stamping projects.

Here is what comes in the club:

*Silver Hodgepodge (1/10th)
*Felt Flowers (apprs 42)
*Build a Brads (6)
*Jumbo Eyelets (15)
*Pretties (1/10th)
*Rhinestone Fire - circles (apprx 20)
*Rhinestone Ice - squares (apprx 20)

Cost of the club is just $25. Add an additional $5 if you will need the club mailed to you.

I have TWO spots remaining in this club!!

May 27, 2008

Just breathe!

I am only in my office today to put in some orders and then back to home life. Today is the last full day before school is out that I have to get caught up on some other things.

Watch this video if you can handle it. It is a beautiful song by Steven Curtis Chapman who lost his 5 year old daughter last week. I had already been thinking of the song with the end of an era as Ris finishes junior high and starts high school in the fall. Time flies, enjoy every moment!

May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Today's sample is a fun folded envelope card sent to me by a friend in California, Tami. I like it so much that we will be making it at camp in a few days (can you believe June is nearly here?)

Memorial Day Sale!
Purchase ONE stamp set at regular price and get the SECOND stamp set 40% off!!
US orders only.
Minimum shipping charges may apply. Cheaper set is the discounted set. Offer ends Monday at four pm est.

May 24, 2008

More dances and Cards - and a Memorial Day sale!

Here are pictures of Karisa from her second dance this week. Glad that week is over!

This lovely card was designed by my friend Susan. I like it so much that we will be making it at June camp. I will need to change the color combo, I am fresh out of Olive cardstock and have committed to using some of my other colors over summer and see if I can get new favorites.

Memorial Day Sale!
Purchase ONE stamp set at regular price and get the SECOND stamp set 40% off!!
US orders only.
Minimum shipping charges may apply. Cheaper set is the discounted set. Offer ends Monday at noon.

May 23, 2008

American Idol

Karisa was on Itunes this morning, getting the David's songs to put on her Zune. She chose David A's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down" - which reminded me.....

With a summer/fall of no AI, we thought it would be fun to re-watch some of our favorite moments from the show.

This is one - we especially love how the impersonator thinks the crowd is screaming for him, til he turns around and sees the 'real' Clay! Next, we love how Ryan gets him to the stool to get him to stop singing so Clay can. I remember at the time everyone was also shocked that Clay looked so different, but that part isn't shocking anymore!

Here is Wednesday night's last song - I love that he genuinely wants to share the stage with the other contestents from the season - and his brother at the very end!

Do you have a favorite AI moment? We will add some more next week!

May Camp - what you missed!

Didn't make it to May camp? Here is one of the projects that we did.
May camp was FULL - and June camp (the morning session) is almost full - so if you plan on coming, please RSVP soon.
All class dates can be found on the left hand side of this page.
Watch this space soon for details on the eScape promotion from Stampin' Up! {and} what specials I will be adding to it!!
Check back over the weekend for a Memorial Day sale......

May 22, 2008

Glitter and Dances

Here are some pictures from last night's Eighth Grade Farewell semi-formal. The kids all looked fabulous!
And, a sample from next month's sticky cuts and glitter class.

May 21, 2008

Happy Wednesday

What's on the plate today?
send out an email to those of you on the email list! watch for it, there are some fun specials and hot deals:)

Do my mega coupon shopping - I have been doing CVS and Kroger - getting nearly 80% off (sometimes even more) off my ENTIRE order!
See if I am able to easily get a Wii Fit - will they immediately be unavailable? I hope not, it was hard enough to get the Wii last winter.

AND, help Ris get ready for the dance tonight. She was happy to wear my real pearls - I have a necklace/bracelet/earring combo that I was awarded for from Stampin' Up! when I went to Bermuda. It was much easier than a run to Claires for their cheap jewelry.
I have French Dip already in the crock pot for tonight...... Pics today are: Summer Fairy, a card from camp earlier this month and one from Tonya!

May 20, 2008

tonight is tart and tangy!

Yesterday was Karisa's surgery. Not fun, not pretty and glad it is over. Unfotunately she has a ton of finals this week, so she had to go back to school today - I am sure when she comes home she is going to be one unhappy teen.

Tonight's class everyone will be using the Occassions Mini Set - Tart and Tangy - after they stamp these 8 projects - the stamp set goes home with them!!

I need to put the finishing touches on so Ris and I can run out before class and buy some jewelry to go with her dress for tomorrow's school formal. She chose a gold dress(and if you are a teen, well, gold is so 80's passe') so she has nothing to match....

see some of you tonight!

May 19, 2008

which one is your favorite?

We went to bed a little after 1 last night, helping Karisa get a mega 5 essay Lit final in. Each one had to be a minimum 800 words - and countless rules on prepositions, pronouns, etc. I could proofread, but didn't know which rule applied to what. Much larger project than I ever dreamed of having in 8th grade (which now has just 7 days left!)
Gotta get her up, then out to the Dr and then on with my week!
See some of you tomorrow at T&T class!

May 18, 2008

Pixies are appearing!

I will slowly be adding pixies to the Fairy Trails site (link is on the sidebar to your left) over the week. Tomorrow I have to take Ris to the Dr and do the prep for Tuesdays Tart and Tangy class. There are TWO school formals this week - Wed and Fri - and I have set a goal to get as many projects done as possible for the remaining May and June classes - by Friday! Watch back here for class previews. I should be sending the stampin news email on Thursday. Have a great week!

May 17, 2008

pixie production!

Today is a beautiful day in Indiana! Serg spent some time working in the yard, Karisa worked at the golf course......and me, well, I did set up my Facebook Account. I had wanted to, but I knew that it would end up taking time - and it did, but it is ok. I had thought I would start getting the completed fairies on my other site today (or clean my office - or finish the projects for Tuesday's upcoming class) - but - there is always tomorrow! For now, here are some pixies in progress (most are actually done - not headless/wingless like they were when I took these pictures)

Need to get ready to go to the party - where the only person I am "allowed" to talk to is Joci's mom!

End of Eight!

Where has the year (actually where have the years?) gone? Last Monday Karisa had a softball game (that's her!) and then went IMMEDIATELY from the above picture to the video below (she is the cello on the end of the second row). Seriously - game ended at 6:30 - concert started at 7:00. She changed in the VAN:)

Today she is at the golf course working (as a caddie), then off to a fundraiser, then a Mexico meeting and then a birthday party for one of her best friends (yes, there will be boys). Just a few days left of junior high and then the "busy time" of high school will begin. Honestly, I don't know how we can fit much more in!

May 15, 2008

not such a good week!

Well, this week has turned out to be not so hot:( Monday was full with softball AND an orchestra concert on the same night. Tuesday I thought I was getting a migraine, but it must have been the start of a flu bug. My muscles ached incredibly. I finally fell asleep - but in a funny position. When I woke up I could tell I had pulled a muscle in my back. Yikes. So, the last two days I have hardly been able to move. It hurts so bad.
Most of the time I was too sore to sit at the computer, I did work on a few fairies and will be posting those soon.

In the meantime - here are the samples from the upcoming recipe box class - Saturday May 31st.
I can take some more codiene in 30 minutes - can't wait!

May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Order $100 in product and get $20 in free merchandise

Offer valid May 7 - May 23rd US orders only, please!

The pictures are of my niece, Kasey, looking stunning before the prom last weekend! Last night Karisa and I picked out the second of two dresses for the two upcoming dances at her school - we are down to needing just one more pair of shoes and jewelry. Dressing up is fun!

May 9, 2008

A Bit of England and a dash of America!

Here are some project previews of the three home decor items we will make at the Vintage Patriotic Decor class in June. Most of the items used are Stampin' Up! - I simply added a yeast jar, an old family photo and a old music book - magic!

Today's DVD recommendation is the new version of Pride and Prejudice. If I listed my Top Ten, it may not make it, but that is due to the fact that the number one spot is occupied by Colin Firth and HIS version of P&P - nothing will ever top that! But, if you don't have hours to watch a movie, this P&P "light" version will suffice! It is said they filmed it more realistically, so my England is dirty and drab - if I am going to watch a movie then England can be warmth and sunshine. You can order the video here definately worth having in your collection!

May 8, 2008


Summer Stamping Fun class! Here are the two projects for the May fun class. I decorated a container that has been on my desk - I stick my little scraps in it as I go and when I am done stamping I can dump it in the trash! The second piece is a hodgepodge tin - perfect for keeping what you bring to class in (scissors, gel pen, blender pen, aquapainter, adhesive/refill, scissors, etc).

May 5, 2008

More Essence of Love!

I have such talented ladies in my downline - over the next couple of days I will post some samples all made by them (I will want to take a little break to show off some chipboard, since that is the special this month!)

Today's samples were created by Mandy H, Christy F, and Andrea M. I am sure you will agree with me that they are fab!

May 4, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

This week I will be posting some of the fabulous samples made for our online downline meeting - they were literally made by ladies from all over the US. We 'met' together at the same time online and were able to chat, share and stamp!! We focused on two stamp sets - Riot of Petals and Essence of Love. I hope you enjoy these cards made by Christy F.

Today's video selection is one of my all time faves. I was going to stay away from Jane Austen choices for a few days, but when I went to move the choice to my storefront home page - I saw that Amazon is having a GREAT dvd sale. S&S was on the list - just $6.99!! Cheaper than a movie ticket and you will want to watch it countless times! If you have kids in the jr high school range - watching Austen movies makes it so much easier when they are required to read the novels for AP Lit. Karisa has read nearly everything the author has written now and has been able to do several essays on her an author, the characters and the stories. A good movie WITH educational benefits!! Here is the link if you want to see more:

May 1, 2008


Today's video recommendation - another English fave - the first time I saw it - it took a bit to get into it - color me confused. But confusion is the plot, so hang on and I promise that you will love it!

wanna read more about Ernest? click here: