May 21, 2008

Happy Wednesday

What's on the plate today?
send out an email to those of you on the email list! watch for it, there are some fun specials and hot deals:)

Do my mega coupon shopping - I have been doing CVS and Kroger - getting nearly 80% off (sometimes even more) off my ENTIRE order!
See if I am able to easily get a Wii Fit - will they immediately be unavailable? I hope not, it was hard enough to get the Wii last winter.

AND, help Ris get ready for the dance tonight. She was happy to wear my real pearls - I have a necklace/bracelet/earring combo that I was awarded for from Stampin' Up! when I went to Bermuda. It was much easier than a run to Claires for their cheap jewelry.
I have French Dip already in the crock pot for tonight...... Pics today are: Summer Fairy, a card from camp earlier this month and one from Tonya!

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