May 4, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

This week I will be posting some of the fabulous samples made for our online downline meeting - they were literally made by ladies from all over the US. We 'met' together at the same time online and were able to chat, share and stamp!! We focused on two stamp sets - Riot of Petals and Essence of Love. I hope you enjoy these cards made by Christy F.

Today's video selection is one of my all time faves. I was going to stay away from Jane Austen choices for a few days, but when I went to move the choice to my storefront home page - I saw that Amazon is having a GREAT dvd sale. S&S was on the list - just $6.99!! Cheaper than a movie ticket and you will want to watch it countless times! If you have kids in the jr high school range - watching Austen movies makes it so much easier when they are required to read the novels for AP Lit. Karisa has read nearly everything the author has written now and has been able to do several essays on her an author, the characters and the stories. A good movie WITH educational benefits!! Here is the link if you want to see more:

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