Jun 9, 2008

Once in a Lifetime!

The craft fair in southern Indiana was Saturday. If you have heard anything about Indy weather over the last two days, you know we experienced "100 year" flooding.

We left Saturday morning in torrential rain. We get torrential rain - for like 3 minutes, then it stops. There was no stopping. We felt like we were in a powerwash carwash for one straight HOUR. Got to the farm. There was no rain. Didn't rain the entire time. Left to come home and saw that the main interstate back north was filled with stopped traffic. Hm, turn on the radio.

All roads NORTH were flooded and closed. What? This does not happen in south central Indiana. There was 11 inches of rain in 3 hours. We worked our way home thru back roads (my grandparents had owned a cottage in the area, so I was familiar enough with it to get thru). We saw devasting flooding - I will post those pictures tomorrow. For today, the few hours at the herb farm where we thought we had just driven thru the pouring rain that had stopped.
Can't life be like that? Rain, some beauty and then some total unknown?

Wish I could bottle up some of our overabundance of wather and ship it to you in Australia!

Camp today, stamping with friends tomorrow (one who lives in the middle of one of the worst flooded areas), golf later this week (think the course will be dry??)
I will have camp samples that I have not put up later too!

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