Sep 16, 2008

busy week....

Golf season is nearly over - at least for the JV girls....three matches this week.

Last night I wore sandals to the match - last bastion of summer.....

Tonight's match??


I do love fall, Indy Irish Festival this weekend, our favorite of the year!

Serg agreed to make a "few" punch racks for the many of you that have asked.......


Let me know if you want one - soon, before the list of a "few" fills up!

Upsy Daisy Technique Class in next Monday.... I have completed three of the projects. Love this stamp set!

And, yes, Ike made it's way thru Indiana on Sunday - taking out our {yucky} huge Bradford Pear Tree. I hate Bradford Pears and we had toyed around getting rid of it for the last several years. It had gotten to be HUGE tree on a teeny tiny little trunk and with every storm I thought it would be the end of it. Ike saw to that. Now I get to think about what kind of {nice} tree to replace it with. Suggestions anyone?!


Brenda said...

Hi Cheri,

Could you tell me how tall and how wide the shelf is your husband built. Also did he make the stamp pad shelf next to the punch one and if so is he still making them and how much are they. Not sure I have room for both, but I love them.

Nikki said...

I would love one of the punch racks but can't imagine how you'd get it to PA for me! I was wondering if you would mind sharing the dimensions with me so I can put my husband to work making one for me. I love how yours is yellow too!!

Nikki said...

btw....Thanks in advance and I always LOVE seeing your cards!

Sandra said...

I'm happy that Ike only took out your tree! The cards look wonderful. That is one of my new favorite sets too!

Cheri said...

for more details about getting a punch rack email me at



dot com