Sep 29, 2008

punch rack....progress!

Punch Rack assembly has begun! For those of you who have asked....

the punch racks will be approximately 25" x 25" - there are shelves on the top (that will hold larger items) and the bottom (for your small punches, eyelets, etc) and racks that will hold apprx 24 of the largest punches and 12 of the medium size punches.

Some of you have contacted me thru the comments on this site, but it doesn't give me a way to get back to you. You can email me at cherist at g mail . com

They will be painted white, which you can leave as is or paint a new color to match your own area. The cost is $40 - paypal or check is fine.

Hopefully they will begin being finished up early next week! We need to do one more run to the lumber store, so if you want one, email before tomorrow!

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