Sep 26, 2008

Try Its, Punch Class and Punch Racks!

Today is the deadline to get your punch rack - $40 - leave a comment below if you don't have my email address.
It is also the last day to pre-pay for the Punch 4 Class and get a FREE punch as part of your class!
I am still taking spots for the Try It club for the Holiday Mini, just a few spots left - get lush ribbons, fun papers, wintery snowflakes - and try them all out!


Jill said...


I love the Punch Rack and would love one if you mail them. What is your accepted form of payment?

Cheri said...

Hi Jill!
I am happy to take a check or paypal. I am not sure how much shipping will be - you can email me at cherist at gmail period com. They are not that heavy, just an awkward size. Where do you live, I am going to the PO tomorrow and could find out their estimated price.
happy Sunday!