Oct 31, 2008

Sale ends today - Camp is next week!

you have just a few hours left to take advantage of the Birthday Sale! See yesterday's post.

Here is another project from November Camp - it's next Friday!

Oct 30, 2008

24 Hour Sale - nearly 40% off stamp sets!

Time is running out on Stampin' Up!'s birthday special promotion! You can click on the box on the left to see the information directly on their site. For 24 hours only - I am going to double your discount - meaning you can pick up one, two or even all of these fun sets for nearly 40% off!
To qualify for the 20% discount, you need to spend $20 on non-discounted items. Between now and noon tomorrow, you can purchase $30 and get an additional 10% off the sale price - or go all the way and spend $40 and get an additional TWENTY percent of the sale prices shown above.

If you are wondering how low those prices go - here are some of them -
You can get Time to Party (reg $16.95) for just $10.85.
Crazy for Cupcakes (reg 23.95) would only be 15.33.
Big Bold Birthday (reg 27.95) is $17.89
and the deal of the day....
Bitty Birthday is just 8.29!

To get you in the mood - here are some fun cupcakes. The bottom shot is from Stampin' Up! the lovely cupcake in the Big Shot box is from one of my favorite stamping friends, Susan. Cupcake ~ cute, box ~ cute, idea ~simply fab!
And, yes, I had the cupcake for breakfast, it was delish! Starting the day of with a pink frosted cupcake - that is a good thing!

Oct 29, 2008

Oct 28, 2008

Back to work - + shipping advice and a tv spot!

We enjoyed a lovely fall break last week and now it is back to work. Ug - I do love my job, but sometimes I need some motivation! I seem to be catching a cold, too, which doesn't help!

I worked on some things this morning and will have an email hopefully to you all by Thursday. There are more selections for the upcoming Christmas Countdown classes - and some samples for camp next week. There are just too many projects - anyone interested in another Camp?! We could do Nov .5 Camp!

Until then, you defintely will enjoy this:

Shelli is the president of Stampin' Up! (and the founder) - she is very creative and so much fun to watch. In person is always better, but hey, this works too!

She has some great ideas for decorating your holiday tables!

Now, a bit of shipping info.... I needed to mail one of the punch racks. They are not heavy, but a little awkward in size. I didn't have a box, so I thought I would take it to the local UPS store.

She measured it and told me it would be about $14 for the box and I asked what the total would be - she said estimating it - probably around $24. I asked if that was ground. She said no, that is the box and the packing. What?? No thanks, I will find my own box and pack it myself.

I told her I would bring it back but wanted to let the recipient (Hi Jill!) know an estimate. She measures it all and told me it would be about $17 for ground.

Serg got one box and then another - which was a perfect fit. I wrapped it all back up and took it back to the UPS store. It was raining so Karisa took it in, I parked and went in to pay. Same UPS lady - likely suprised to see me - because she quoted Karisa $27. I told her I had just been in and that she had estimated $17. She gives me a long story about the box being bigger than she would have expected, yada yada. I asked her to jot down the measurements - she did - ON the box. I told her I would take it to the Post Office, she told me to expect to pay more than $66 there. I wasn't nice, but that is just ridiculous.

We ended up calling DHL - using the measurements Ms UPS Store wrote on the box, they said it should be about $17 - $19. I did take it there. Guess what. The measurements were actually LARGER than the box - Ms DHL asked who measured it.

It was just under $15 to send it DHL. So, if you live in Indy and need to ship - I would highly recommend them! Hope your rack arrives safely, Jill!

Oct 16, 2008

Upcoming Christmas Projects!

Starting in just a few days - will be this year's version of countdown to Christmas.

This year I have twisted it up a bit and have several dates with several projects -

You can choose which days and which projects - most of the projects are quick enough that you can actually make TWO at each class.

Need a scrapbook and a calendar - pick those for a class.

How about a stationary filled portfolio and a snowflake tote bag? Do those at the next.

Decide you could use a couple more scrapbooks? No problem, make them both at the last class!

Shown here is one of the scrapbooks available to choose. I don't have any 'stuff' in it yet - but will be putting older Christmas pictures as well as our favorite recipes that are must haves at Christmas.

The projects can all be gifts - or you can keep them for yourself - or make one for both!

Most projects can be purchased To Go and several can be adapted to do at your house if you want an in home workshop!

For samples and pricing, see my class schedule link above. I am not done - there are 3 or 4 more selections coming.

Oct 14, 2008

Take Note!

I have added the updated information on the four ways to get your Acrylic Scrapbook - a truly wonderfully fun project that you (or the lucky one you gift it to!) will treasure forever. Scroll down just a bit to get the details.

Updates have also been made to my class list (see the links above!)

Don't miss the giveaway below!

Oct 12, 2008

Just a quick one..

We just returned from a fun afternoon of lunch and watching the Colts game with friends (by the way, welcome back boys - today they looked like the team we have come to love!) - in the 80 degree weather - and have to leave momentarily for the golf team end of season banquet.

Sometimes you just know your life is good:)

Here are more samples from Sept camp - sorry if you missed it - it was a good one! Don't forget - you can always get the camp in the mail option!

coming up this week will be:

*first offering of projects and prices for the Holiday Gift classes that will take place in November and December

*items going up on my boutique and retired sets pages

'see' you Monday!

Oct 10, 2008

One Project Four Ways

It is a great acrylic scrapbook - and there are four ways you can get it:

*Attend the upcoming class in November - class is Monday Nov 24 - 7pm Cost is $35 - those of you on my email list will get a special offer to reserve your spot early this week.

*Host a workshop in your home - the hostess may qualify for her book free! Minimum 3 guests + hostess - if you have more than 5 paying guests, the hostess gets her book materials for FREE! I will have available dates in this week's email. Cost per guest is $35 - all they need to bring is adhesive and scissors. You will need to give at least two weeks notice to me (paid)

*A virtual class complete with all the materials - order the materials from me and get the instructions and all page samples emailed to you! The cost is ONLY for supplies - so the class is free! Because of the way the materials come to you, you will have enough supplies to complete TWO books!

*Purchase a pre-made book from me - don't have time? Then simply purchase the book from me pre-made! Cost is $50 + postage.

Oct 9, 2008

Snow Swirled 2 Go!

This month's Class by Mail features "Snow Swirled"

Class by Mail includes the Stamp Set and all cardstock, ribbon, embellishments to make the five cards (instructions and pictures will be emailed to you).

the cost is $40 which includes the stamp set. add $5 if you need the kit mailed to you

Oct 7, 2008

Workin on my site!

You may notice that I have added some tabs across the top of this page. I now need to work on some of the pages that they link to - and I have some others that are not ready to go live yet (there will be some that have stamp sets by name ~ so you can easily look up a sample that you may be wanting to make!).

While working I was letting my Pandora play (don't you LOVE pandora??!) - and wham, an old Abba song came on - not what I needed - who needs a tear or two while trying to re-configure HTML??! For those of you who are 'my age' - you may remember the song "Slippin Thru My Fingers" - in case you want a nice melancholy moment I thought I would plop it in here for you....

I have been busy stamping and have some super fun projects to start showing you as we gear up for the Holidays - stay tuned!

Oct 1, 2008

Happy October!

World Card Making Day is this coming Saturday! Set some time aside for yourself and stamp something. Well, while you are at it, stamp two somethings - something for YOU and something to make a loved one's day brighter.

If you need inspiration, come to camp and stamp with us! To camp free, see details in the posts below! Make sure to check this site on Saturday for some WCMD specials!

The Holiday Mini is ready to order from! Want to make decorations, calendars, cards, home decor' - it is all included! The link is up yet on the customer side of the Stampin' Up! website, but email me and I will be happy to email you a copy of this fabulous catalog!

Stampin' Up! is turning TWENTY! There are some great birthday sets on sale - click the link in the left hand corner to see which ones are on the list!

The second phase of Decor' Elements is now available, I ordered one for myself this morning! New designs, new colors!


You can see all your choices at the link above!