Oct 28, 2008

Back to work - + shipping advice and a tv spot!

We enjoyed a lovely fall break last week and now it is back to work. Ug - I do love my job, but sometimes I need some motivation! I seem to be catching a cold, too, which doesn't help!

I worked on some things this morning and will have an email hopefully to you all by Thursday. There are more selections for the upcoming Christmas Countdown classes - and some samples for camp next week. There are just too many projects - anyone interested in another Camp?! We could do Nov .5 Camp!

Until then, you defintely will enjoy this:

Shelli is the president of Stampin' Up! (and the founder) - she is very creative and so much fun to watch. In person is always better, but hey, this works too!

She has some great ideas for decorating your holiday tables!

Now, a bit of shipping info.... I needed to mail one of the punch racks. They are not heavy, but a little awkward in size. I didn't have a box, so I thought I would take it to the local UPS store.

She measured it and told me it would be about $14 for the box and I asked what the total would be - she said estimating it - probably around $24. I asked if that was ground. She said no, that is the box and the packing. What?? No thanks, I will find my own box and pack it myself.

I told her I would bring it back but wanted to let the recipient (Hi Jill!) know an estimate. She measures it all and told me it would be about $17 for ground.

Serg got one box and then another - which was a perfect fit. I wrapped it all back up and took it back to the UPS store. It was raining so Karisa took it in, I parked and went in to pay. Same UPS lady - likely suprised to see me - because she quoted Karisa $27. I told her I had just been in and that she had estimated $17. She gives me a long story about the box being bigger than she would have expected, yada yada. I asked her to jot down the measurements - she did - ON the box. I told her I would take it to the Post Office, she told me to expect to pay more than $66 there. I wasn't nice, but that is just ridiculous.

We ended up calling DHL - using the measurements Ms UPS Store wrote on the box, they said it should be about $17 - $19. I did take it there. Guess what. The measurements were actually LARGER than the box - Ms DHL asked who measured it.

It was just under $15 to send it DHL. So, if you live in Indy and need to ship - I would highly recommend them! Hope your rack arrives safely, Jill!

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