Oct 10, 2008

One Project Four Ways

It is a great acrylic scrapbook - and there are four ways you can get it:

*Attend the upcoming class in November - class is Monday Nov 24 - 7pm Cost is $35 - those of you on my email list will get a special offer to reserve your spot early this week.

*Host a workshop in your home - the hostess may qualify for her book free! Minimum 3 guests + hostess - if you have more than 5 paying guests, the hostess gets her book materials for FREE! I will have available dates in this week's email. Cost per guest is $35 - all they need to bring is adhesive and scissors. You will need to give at least two weeks notice to me (paid)

*A virtual class complete with all the materials - order the materials from me and get the instructions and all page samples emailed to you! The cost is ONLY for supplies - so the class is free! Because of the way the materials come to you, you will have enough supplies to complete TWO books!

*Purchase a pre-made book from me - don't have time? Then simply purchase the book from me pre-made! Cost is $50 + postage.

1 comment:

Carrie Poisel said...

This looks really cool! I'll keep my eye on your blog for more details.