Oct 16, 2008

Upcoming Christmas Projects!

Starting in just a few days - will be this year's version of countdown to Christmas.

This year I have twisted it up a bit and have several dates with several projects -

You can choose which days and which projects - most of the projects are quick enough that you can actually make TWO at each class.

Need a scrapbook and a calendar - pick those for a class.

How about a stationary filled portfolio and a snowflake tote bag? Do those at the next.

Decide you could use a couple more scrapbooks? No problem, make them both at the last class!

Shown here is one of the scrapbooks available to choose. I don't have any 'stuff' in it yet - but will be putting older Christmas pictures as well as our favorite recipes that are must haves at Christmas.

The projects can all be gifts - or you can keep them for yourself - or make one for both!

Most projects can be purchased To Go and several can be adapted to do at your house if you want an in home workshop!

For samples and pricing, see my class schedule link above. I am not done - there are 3 or 4 more selections coming.

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