Oct 7, 2008

Workin on my site!

You may notice that I have added some tabs across the top of this page. I now need to work on some of the pages that they link to - and I have some others that are not ready to go live yet (there will be some that have stamp sets by name ~ so you can easily look up a sample that you may be wanting to make!).

While working I was letting my Pandora play (don't you LOVE pandora??!) - and wham, an old Abba song came on - not what I needed - who needs a tear or two while trying to re-configure HTML??! For those of you who are 'my age' - you may remember the song "Slippin Thru My Fingers" - in case you want a nice melancholy moment I thought I would plop it in here for you....

I have been busy stamping and have some super fun projects to start showing you as we gear up for the Holidays - stay tuned!

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