Dec 4, 2008

Christmas Camp!

Oh, what to do! The last camp of the year is tomorrow. My goal for camp is 6 projects (though I seem to have a problem sticking with that number, there is always just 'one' - even 2 or 3 more projects I would like to do).
I have been jotting down Christmas themed projects for well, months. I need to narrow it down - I don't think the ladies coming tomorrow want to do 30 or 40 projects - they might need to go home at some point!
On the list so far - a lovely Christmas cottage card using the Top Note, the two tins I posted this week and this fun little Christmas pick that I came up with all by myself! Oh, that just leaves 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5!!) more spots. Anyone want a Christmas camp part two?!
Look closely at the snowman - he is a styrafoam head on a lollipop stick. Then he is adorned with lots of items from the pretties kit, brads, felt snowflakes, chunky glitter, ribbons, embossing powder and inks. All held together with sticky strip and tombow multi!
off to start hacking away at my list.....

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