Dec 11, 2008

Need Help with Christmas Ideas????

I have been asked on more than a few occassions about things in my home, movies we watch, food I prepare, etc...

I have compiled a site where you can go not only see many of my favorite things - but purchase them too!! It is an Amazon based site - and you still have several days to order and get things in time for Christmas.....

If you are still looking for someone on your list or you need to still suggest gift ideas to someone purchasing for you - may I suggest:

*DVDs - Love Jane Austen, but not all videos do her writings justice - but the ones that do - wow! Enchanted, well, it's Enchanting! I have added some new ones this year, BBC and PBS did a great job on some Jane Austen - and Cranford another English story. We watched Wives and Daughters for the first time this year, but I think it may have been around for a while. Lots to choose from!

*Cookbooks - easy peasy Artisian Bread, cupcakes, Aussie favorites and a few Southern Living classics that I use repeatedly

*Art books, music and books that will make you think, laugh and cry. Francine Rivers "Mark of the Lion" series is fantabulous!

To visit the store and get gift ideas go here:

You can send the link to your hubby with a few hints - make his life a little easier!

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