Jan 8, 2009

some catalog hints...

while some of us are watching the snow blow by, others are down enjoying the sunny*ness of Florida - and they have the new catalog in hand.......

Lucky for me, I have a wonderful friend who is there - and called me within seconds of getting her hands on the catalog - here are a few things to look forward to.....

*crocheted flowers
*corduroy buttons
*colored clips
*new brads - new sizes and colors - jumbo things too
*new glitters
*new polka dot and rick rack ribbon
*tons of new designer papers - some are a new and different style

*LOTS of new Big Shot stuff - if you have been trying to 'not' have to get one, well, I am sorry:^)

there are new dies (one like the butterfly on the current catalog), new embossing dies AND new texture plates - you run your cardstock thru and it dry embosses the whole thing! Best part - you get 3 double sided images to a set and I think she said they are around $10!!

Make sure to come to debut - you will be able to join a Stamp Club and divide your purchases up all year long and/or join my Try It clubs - one time purchase where I buy lots of new stuff and divide it up in try it size portions!! Those are always popular and with the huge amount of new stuff it will be a great inexpensive way for you to try to see what you need in full packets!

Here is another card from camp this week - I wanted to get one more use of the tree before it is unavailable (it is in the mini, which ends soon!) - so I combined it with the Valentine Bundle special - I like it! I love Valentine's - the only time of the year you can mix reds of all sorts and not even blink when they don't match!!

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