Feb 10, 2009

off track...

First, Karisa had a horrible fever and was sick from Friday night til yesterday - had a slight fever this morning, but went to school anyway.

Second, it has been heart-wrenching watching/reading the coverage on the bushfires in Victoria. Many of you know that I lived there for several years - Serg was born and grew up there - and Karisa born there too. Dear friends of ours live very near one of the most devasted areas and we have other friends all around. Seeing the loss of homes, beautiful countryside, quaint towns and even worse, of lives, has been sad.

That said, I have neglected posting here - but am trying to get caught up. Started an email newsletter, maybe it will make it out today - maybe not.

If not - here are some pictures for you:

These were taken by our friend Sam - in his yard. He was the best man in our wedding. Say a prayer that fires stay away from Whittlesea. These were taken Saturday - the temp was 120.

And a little happier - a baby card - that could easily be adapted to a valentine!

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Susi said...

I have a couple of blog friends who live close to the fires. I've been reading their blogs daily. Lots of praying going on here for all.