Feb 24, 2009

Punch Racks - round two!

I am taking orders again for the punch racks - you can see mine in -totally loaded with punches in my craft room/office. Here is the deal:

*pick-up preferred, shipping was very expensive and hard to find. last time I used DHL, but have heard they went out of business. UPS was about $30 to ship due to the size.

*orders taken thru March 5th - no exceptions!

*pre-payment of $35 is needed. checks, paypal or any credit/debit card accepted

*racks will be unfinished wood, they can be left that way, or you can paint/stain them to match your own area ***racks have been redesigned (mine was a quick job!) and have three rows to hold the largest sized punches.

if you have any questions, just hit the email me button on the left!

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