Apr 21, 2009

Fifth Avenue Floral

Here is another card that we made at the Fifth Avenue Floral class late last month. Love that set. There are just so many things you can do with it - I could have another class with 5 more cards!

I have a feeling I will be behind on most everything this week, so if you need to contact me, be patient. Serg is still home - decided to not take his meds last night to see how he would do - answer.....not so good. At least it didn't require an ambulance trip this time.

Big Shot class is Thursday and Extra*Ordinary Cards is Monday. I am trying to get the samples done so I can get some pictures out today - and maybe even an email - but if I don't - I do need RSVPs soon. Let me say - both classes have some really fun projects and you will be disappointed should you miss them!

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