Apr 28, 2009

My Top Five Favorite Stamp Sets #1

This week I will be sharing my Top Five (ala Facebook!) Favorite stamp set - I have gone back and forth on whether they should be current...haven't decided yet - I have some that I dearly loved but that are no longer available. Since I can't decide - I will go with my number 1 - which is current....
Fifth Avenue Floral is hands down as of these last few months my favorite stamp set. Three large line art stamps that lend themselves to countless techniques. Scroll down and you will see more samples made with the set.
Doesn't hurt that the current catalog has a slew of accessories that are designed to work specifically with this set, eh?
A few weeks ago we had a With One Set class with FAFlorals - I jot down card ideas prior to making the projects for any class. The list for this set was sooooooooooooo long - We were going to do 4 cards - and I had to add a 5th (the orange glitter card above) because I just couldn't stop myself.
Now, for the first time ever, I am having a Take Two - a SECOND class featuring this set. The projects will be all new (and still won't use up all my ideas) - if you already have the set you can attend for just the materials fee - don't have it yet? (shock, horrors!) then come and your stamp set will be included with your registration fee! The class is Tuesday Jun 16th - there is a morning and evening session. My emails will have complete details.

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