Jul 15, 2009

back to the real world

We have been away at the beach - can you tell??? I do have Big Shot class tomorrow night with all new dies - so you are welcome to come!
Then, Friday - a golf match - Monday - a golf match.............and then golf camp. At least during golf camp I should have some time to get caught up a bit.
There are several unopened boxes of stampin' goodies downstairs that I have not had time to open, but if you ordered at debut, it is likely here! The Try It clubs will be ready for pick up next week (unless I get REALLY busy tomorrow and get the class prepped in time!)
Enjoy the shots of Lake Michigan - it was glorious. We picked Raspberries, Blueberries and Cherries! Loved the beach, the sunsets and had a ton of good food. We stayed in a beach cottage and laughed til past midnight. Just what a get away should be!

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