Aug 12, 2009

August camp - register by tomorrow!

Here is one of the 5 projects. We are using 2 new Big Shot products - love both of them - as well as a new stamp set.

School started back today - other than having weight lifting first period, Karisa was very eager to get back. One good thing about the early golf schedules is she hasn't been able to sleep in much anyway, so it was no loss there! She also finished up her Honors Lit summer homework last night about 10:30pm, nothing like using every minute of your summer to get that done. They had a LOT of homework for that class - I never had summer homework.

There is a golf match tomorrow, so I need to be set up for camp before I leave - so the final RSVPs are needed by early tomorrow morning. It should be a fun camp - all the projects are easy, so if you have never been, it would be a great one to come too!

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