Aug 20, 2009

Big Shot tonight!

A reminder that Big Shot is tonight - projects look great - and as we often do, the Big Shot is doing most of the work for us, so they are simple!

The card above is from camp last week - another simple one!

Most of you know already, but I have taken another job. The combination of that and golf season means there will be few and far between posts on this site til the end of September. Sorry, there just are not enough hours in the day;^) I will also be moving RSVP requirements to give me more time before a class to prep for it - and pre-payment will also be needed for classes.

Thanks for understanding - it will take a few weeks to make the adjustments - I will have an ammended class schedule for the rest of the year posted next week. I love going to the golf matches and love watching the girls, but I am exhausted!! Thankfully Ris has become a one sport gal, so til after Spring Break, we are good!

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