Nov 16, 2010

Christmas Countdown - #2- affordable gifts for all

Today's gift idea is one that could allow you to cross multiple people off your shopping list!*Teachers
*Stamping Friends
*Children - your own, your kids' friends, students, grandkids, more
*Family members
In the Clearance Corner there are scads of CHEAP stamping items - we are talking great discounts! Several items are 80% off.
I have ordered a boxful of markers and the matching cardstock. I will be pairing it up with some white cardstock and some unmounted stamps I have never used - and will have GREAT gifts for my daughter's friends! You can get craft items this cheap at Walmart - and definatly not the quality. The markers were $18 are are now just $4!!!
There are several things that match the colors on clearance.The items are limited in quantity, so don't delay!!And - while you are there - you can purchase anything else that has been on your list - anything in the catalog, mini, decor' elements or digital downloads!
**Purchase $50 in online orders {click here} by Thursday and have your choice of $10 voucher towards a purchase made in December or $15 toward Dec OR Jan camp.

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