Sep 17, 2015

New Year - New Apartment!

Karisa's senior year - where has the time gone?!  We had fun moving her into her tiny little apartment in downtown Indy the end of summer.

Her place before had been so cute - but she was ready for some updates.  We were able to recycle a lot of things - amazing what a few cans of spray paint, clearance rows at Hobby Lobby and a trip or two to TJ Maxx and Homegoods are able to pull off!

Here are some highlights:
We painted one of the walls a Disney gold (paint from Walmart).  She is 'borrowing' my grandmothers sitting desk.  We spray painted a genuine 1990s brass entertainment stand the updated gold.  

She had her eye on the gold glitter SPARKLE canvas at Homegoods and when we realized the theme was going to be black and gold we snagged it right up!  Michaels had little travel balsa wood tags - an sale for 50 cents each.  I got everyone that they made.....and she has been to all of the desinations that they made!  (well, we counted London - you know, an airport layover, lol).  She took a great FIAT shot while we were in Italy.  I had some chunky green and yellow frames from Pick Your Plum.  Spray painted gold....and they fit right in!

Michaels had a cute 4 pack of canvases.  We only used the 2 gold.  Her nickname is Westie - so we used some gold Stampin Up! supplies for a small filler space.  In the window there are lights to frame it.  They were standard Christmas lights.....which we spray painted gold.

A cute wall rub and pillows from Hobby Lobby.  

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