Oct 10, 2016

Santa's Sleigh

This card takes a bit longer than some Christmas quickies - but the results give you something to send that will earn it's place on someone's mantle!

This is a great bundle.  You can see that I let the embossing powders be the 'star' of this show on this card.  Originally I also had the sleigh embossed in copper, but it was one step too much - so I chose the sleigh to shine with the copper foil paper.

I did use red, green, black and silver powders.  They give a nice strong outline to the images.  Note if you use the red and green that because they are glitter based - you will want to use them heating from the underside of your paper.  Once they are melted a quick wave of heat over the top ensures they stick and don't lose the shimmer.

I think I am addicted to the watercolor with the Stella - especially on the Christmas cards it gives such a nice shimmer to all of the colors!

The folder embossed snowflakes were too pale on just white - too blue on the pool party - but a quick wipe over with the white craft ink gave a perfect backdrop for the sleigh.  My original card had more trees and an another reindeer - but even this "more is more" girl recognizes when it's just too much!

Those of you attending October camp will get to make and take this home!  Can't make it?  Watch for my camp to go offering!

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