Oct 31, 2016

Star of Light - quick and easy Christmas Card

Good News! I got two really quick cards on video this weekend.  Bad News! It gets dark so early now that it is hard for me to get them done in Natural Light.  So - you will see that they both have some shadows and don't show all the sparkle that is on the cards.  That said they are done!

My goal in my videos is to keep them as quick as possible.  I don't really care to watch someone stamp for over 25 minutes to make one card and I bet that some of you are like me.  If you need to slow it down, your video player should be able to do that.  This week both videos are just over 3 minutes.  Quick enough to give you some inspiration - and watch on your break!

This card uses the holiday mini bundle Star of Light.  I love when sets have enough stamps that you can really make the inside special - and this one does!  There are several star images included, but this was letting the paper literally shine, so I didn't include any.

A few things:
*Endless color combos are possible - Silver and Gold, Blue and Silvers, Black and metallics, Copper and Pink - start with a background paper you love and base your star colors from that.
*Glitter paper - it is available in so many colors now!  When using a more intricate die and the glitter paper in the Big Shot - I find it best to roll it few a couple of times and then flip it over and roll once with the cutting edges off.  It ensures that all parts are cut through.

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