Apr 26, 2017

Day Three in Scotland: First Up - Doune Castle and Dunblane Cathedral

Doune Castle was open in March - but we were up early to start our trip to the Isle of Skye so we were there before it opened.  On the 'should we get back one day' list this is a place I would add to see inside if it were open.  Outlander was filmed here - and two things I have not seen - Game of Thrones and Monty Python.

Here is the laneway out of the Castle.  And more of my favorite color - Moss Green!

Not far from Doune Caste is Dunblane Cathedral.  It is striking.  There was a host from the church there to show you around and answer questions.  He was delighfully Scottish and full of information.

The Tower is the oldest part of the church and was built in the 1100's,

Parts of the church were built in the 1100's, 1200's, 1300's and then restored in the late 1800's.  On both the inside and out you can see sections and evidence of the different time periods.  

Graves here include a mistress of King James - along with her two sisters.  They were all rumored to have been poisoned.

The church roof was destroyed (part of the reformation, I think).  And the inside was subjected to the weather for over 300 years.  
The stained glass is beautiful.  The main glass is a picture of the Tree of  Jesse.

There are carvings all over the church.  Each pew has an an animal carved on the end.  Each animal is to remind you of a Christian virtue.  The pews also have flowers carved in them and no two flowers are repeated on any of them.

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