Jul 28, 2017

Fun in a Jar! Stampin' Up's embossing paste!

When you have been stamping for 2 1/2 DECADES - sometimes you kind of feel like you have been there done that.  Sometimes a great new exciting fad or technique comes along - and us oldies are like.....yea, we were doing that in 1998.....

But on occasion there is something that really is new and rocks your world!  A couple of years ago it was Wink of Stell (if you watch the videos in my Quick Video series - you will witness my love of Stella.  It is all I can do to not use it to add some happiness to every card)

Now it is the embossing paste.  So easy to use!  And what fun effects on your projects.  Both of these cards use it - once I get some time, expect to see it in several videos.  But for now - just some teasers!  We will be making the door card at my August camp, if you are in the Indianapolis area and would like more information, give me a shout out.

And for you all - if you feel the need to try some paste....make sure to get details on my Interactive Rewards Loyalty Program

Now - to go see if I can add some stella to the paste......

Jul 24, 2017

A Little Wild Elephant video!

Here is the video I promised to go with the adorable card we made at camp last week!  Take a second to watch just so you can see how super simple it is!

I was using up my extra camp supplies  - I had enough of everything to complete several more of the card.....except for the little pink bow.

When the card was originally just 'in my head' I intended to put the elephant front ON the front and the back on the inside of the card.  Ad the bows not been laying on my table from another project that is how it would have stayed.  (see sometimes it is a good thing when you don't always clean up right away!)

If you would like to make this project on your own - you can find all the supplies listed below!  If you are shopping via my webstore you will qualify to be part of my 
Interactive Loyalty Reward program!  You can read all about that HERE

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Jul 21, 2017

Lemon Lime Berry Twist Birthday!

Today's quick video features the stamp set that will kick off the 2017-2018 Interactive Loyalty Reward Program!  I think you will like it!  The possibilities with the stamp set are endless.  Then when you add in the fabulous die set.....the bow itself makes it all worthwhile!

Take a second to watch the Quick Video and then come back here to read some little tips!

This card is so simple - and the color combinations could be endless.  If it is for a guy card - you could switch up the ruffles to dot - ribbon to burlap.  But I LOVE the way the Lime and Berry look with the copper.  The copper foil paper is one of my top 10 favorites!

The dies roll so well through the Big Shot that only one pass is needed.  The foil paper is a bit trickier that regular cardstock might be when creating your bow.  When you pass it through the Big Shot you will see the 'bumps' that allow you to poke it out of the die.  Simply lay those back on your plate, add a scrap of paper over top - roll it through again and the dots will flatten back out.

If you are using regular cardstock, then the back won't be white - with the white you can tell there is a definite front and back to the bow.  Use a bone folder to gently roll the ends.  Apply Fast Fuse (snail won't hold on the slippery foil papers, but will work on most others).  Press the tips down into the fuse and then wrap the center seal around the bow.  

If you don't have the Silicone Craft sheet - make sure it is on your next order!  It is one of those inexpensive 'how did I live without this?' tools.  It is so handy to apply your adhesive to small things like the bow.  The silicone resists the adhesive, so it magically lifts up and kind of curls back onto whatever you are wanting to stick.  I know I am not the only one who has used adhesive on scrap paper only later to lay a NON scrap piece on top of your leftovers and then have to gently peel it all apart!

You can see I made up a few of these cards.....Would you like one??  There are two ways you can find one in your mailbox.....

First - simply place an order over $50 from my webstore.  That gives you access to my Interactive Loyalty Reward program!  It 'technically' doesn't start til next month...but, hey, I am the boss - and I say if you purchase in July -  you will get in ♥

Read complete details on the program HERE

As I mentioned, this set will be the August Featured Stamp set and will qualify for additional rewards - so if you are dying to get your hands on it - hang on til next week - when the kit for August will be found on this site!

Secondly, I will be mailing some to the girls who are in my downline - if you have ever thought about signing up to be a demonstrator - there is a GREAT special right now!    Seriously, through the end of July - the kit is practically containing twice the value that it normally does!  You can find details on that on my webstore as well.

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Jul 18, 2017

Introducing my new interactive loyalty program!

Starting in August 2017 I welcome you to participate in my Interactive Loyalty Rewards Program!

I realize that there are many shopping options when it comes to your crafting supply purchases.  In order to reward my loyal customers you now have the opportunity to join my rewards program.  Here is how it works:

*And unlike many other programs, mine makes use of every product dollar you spend with me.

What it is:
*For every PRODUCT dollar you spend - earn 1 reward .
*Purchase my "kit of the month" (priced between $50-$85) and get 100
*Shop during the double months and all dollars are worth twice as much!  This will take place 2 times during the program time period

*Accumulate 500 and pick ANY STAMP SET you choose from a current catalog

Your FIRST $50 (or more) purchase in August 2017 will enroll you for the upcoming year.  With this purchase I will give you a tracker that you can use along with a welcome to the program packet.

Once you are enrolled you will receive all catalogs and mini catalogs at no charge during the catalog year.
Kit of the month will be featured in at least 3 project videos, camp project and additional ideas during the month.

All ONLINE purchases will receive a thank you card in the mail once your order has shipped.

Rules for participation
*Program will run from August 2017 through July 31 2018
*Updates may be made at that time.
*earned on sale merchandise will be on the discounted amount
*100 on kits will require exact merchandise that month to be purchased, no substitutes.
*Customers will track their own purchases with order numbers that will be verified when your free stamp set order is placed
*tax and shipping dollars do not accumulate
*please do not combine orders from more than one shopper
*most importantly, if you are shopping online from my webstore, you need to confirm you have selected me as your demonstrator.  credit can only be given on orders placed through me.

AND - if you attend a camp or class in my home that is eligible as a 'free with purchase' event - any product amount purchased OVER the free amount is what will count toward your Reward Program. For example - if you attend camp (free with $50 purchase and you order $93 in product - camp is free with the first $50 and your reward ♥ is on the $43 overage).

Jul 12, 2017

Back home and Back to work!

This summer has been a whirlwind!  It started with college graduation, a special wedding and three trips right in a row.  Spent some time in Kentucky with my daughter, sister, nieces and grandnephews.  Amusement parks are so much fun - and that is just multiplied when you throw in a daring 5 year old!  Then it was off to Williamsburg, VA for some more amusement parks, history and golf and the Outer Banks, NC for some beach time.  Back home for the 4th and a low key 23rd birthday for my daughter (those kids parties were SO much work, but I must admit I kind of miss them....). And yesterday we returned from a few days with my other sister as she, my daughter and I visited another niece who has moved to work in Connecticut.  So many memories....and so much food, lol.  Anticipating next week when much of our garden is ready to start harvesting!

This week is camp.  I have several projects that I have made (some for an event that was delayed, some just 'messing around').  In the midst of all of the craziness the new catalog has started and I have a literal STACK of new stamp sets sitting on my table......I decided the best way to go was to just start from the top of the stack.

So - here is one I whipped up this morning that we will be making at camp this Friday night or Saturday morning.  If you are in the Indianapolis area - feel free to join us!

Sometimes with baby cards I like to offer both a pink and a blue version - or go a neutral yellow or green.  But while coloring in this little girl I glanced over at the new tiny bows laying there and just new it HAD to be a girl card!

The original intent was for the front of her to be on the front of the card.....but the bow was crying out to be featured front and center!

The little grey strip is one of the dies from the bundle.  The set is actually designed to be used as tags (so cute!) but I snipped them apart to make into the card.

If you are not able to make it to camp and would like to make this card - simply purchase the stamp set or the entire bundle on my website by the end of July and I will send you the materials you need to make it at your home.

A video how to for the card will be on the website later this month!

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