Jul 28, 2017

Fun in a Jar! Stampin' Up's embossing paste!

When you have been stamping for 2 1/2 DECADES - sometimes you kind of feel like you have been there done that.  Sometimes a great new exciting fad or technique comes along - and us oldies are like.....yea, we were doing that in 1998.....

But on occasion there is something that really is new and rocks your world!  A couple of years ago it was Wink of Stell (if you watch the videos in my Quick Video series - you will witness my love of Stella.  It is all I can do to not use it to add some happiness to every card)

Now it is the embossing paste.  So easy to use!  And what fun effects on your projects.  Both of these cards use it - once I get some time, expect to see it in several videos.  But for now - just some teasers!  We will be making the door card at my August camp, if you are in the Indianapolis area and would like more information, give me a shout out.

And for you all - if you feel the need to try some paste....make sure to get details on my Interactive Rewards Loyalty Program

Now - to go see if I can add some stella to the paste......

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