Aug 23, 2017

At Home With You - featuring Embossing Paste

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Today's Technique video features the new product - Embossing Paste.  I am sure there are many ways to use it - on this card I will show you two.

A few tips as you work with it.
It dries QUICKLY.  Which is great - for your finished card.  Not so much for leaving your open jar sitting there or for mixing up more than you may need to use for the project you are working on at that sitting.  So - don't take out anymore than you think you need.  You can see the small dallop that I use in the video was plenty for both my 'bricks' and the tree.

I started with ONE drop of the crumb cake refill first.  (and from what I have seen using it, the colors will not look true to SU! colors until the paste has had time to dry, especially true in the case of crumb cake - it looks weird until dry!).  Then with what is left of the lighter color you can add just a smidgen of your darker color.  For the topiary I added Tranquil Tide.  The two cards were made at different times, you will never get quite the same shade again!

The Topiary actually is a Christmas one if you would just color it in.  But because I used the Palette tools to cover it like frosting, they disappear and my tree is fine for summer!  I used the masks for the bricks.  I like the look of not covering the entire card, so I intentionally left parts of the corners incomplete.
It was touch dry by the time I was done with the card in the video, but not quite dry enough to firmly adhere the parts together.  Just a note if you want to do the same card at home - filming required me to run the pieces through the big shot before  - it would be easier for you to color them before doing that!  And obviously wait for everything to dry thoroughly before sticking all of it together.  When you are done with your silicone sheet, tools and mask quickly run some water over them or use a wet wipe to get them clean.  If you wait even 5 minutes and the paste dries....clean up will take longer than it took you to make the card!  Make sure to keep the cover and seal it back over the jar.  I have been using this same jar for over 6 weeks and the paste is holding up fine.  I have made several cards and we have used it at camp.  It is the kind of thing that is hard to gauge how much there is - but it will go a long way!

Finally - I am often asked how my watercolor looks so strong with the pencils.  No, it's not photoshop!  I just press pretty hard with my pencils!  Way harder than I have seen anyone else press. I rarely use one color.  My door is mixed with at least 3 shades.  I use one shade to line along the left sides of all the panels, maybe 1/4 way in and then add a line or 2 of coordinating colors.  The frame is brown and black.  When I blend the color with the aquapainter I pull it toward the empty space and if it doesn't all fill in, that's ok, I leave it.  What if a pencil breaks for pushing so hard?  Eh...  They are cheap.  Seriously - a pack of pencils is just a couple of dollars more than a pack of Designer Series Papers.  Even if I break the tips on occasion and they need sharpened more often - I just consider them a consumable.  Try it.  I think you will be pleased with a really strong watercolor look.  It also opens up some additional colors.  If I wanted to do some flowers with a strong pressed yellow and a strip of orange - it would be totally different than my door!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it!  Please share my site with your friends.  And if you need a Demonstrator - I would love to service you.  I have a great Loyalty Reward Program and starting in late fall I will be starting a VIP Facebook program for customers!  Thanks for watching!

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