Aug 25, 2017

Gourd Goodness and the Return of the Glossy Cardstock!

Today's Short and Simple video should get you in the mood for Autumn!  The weather here in Indiana has been decidedly cooler this week - highs in the upper 70's - so perfection.  Could 'almost' make you want to pull out the socks in the evening.  It's the September game we play.  Will we?  Won't we?  It's like the socks make you admit the summer is over.

If you are here before Sept 1..or a day or two will need to check back, this is another sneak peak to a Holiday catalog stamp set.  Some several of the products are not yet available.  I will add the shopping list to the bottom of the post then. You WILL want to check back - because the videos that have had Holiday catalog products will kick off that catalog with some FREE with purchase items!!!
This card ended up NO WHERE close to where it started.  I took some pictures of the process and will do a post on that someday soon.  There are two pumpkins in the stamp set.  The card was vanilla and sand. No leaves, no color.  Then it morphed to include color.  When I went to add ribbon I really wanted to use this lush Powder I redid the card (about the 6th time) taking all the colors down one to include the pink as the lightest.  Sometimes magic happens.  Sometimes it's just a lot of work, lol.

The Glossy cardstock has made a return.  Oh, the glossy.  That was fancy stuff back in 1995 when I signed up with Stampin' Up!  I remember the training video - probably had to tear Miss Ris away from the Disney in the VCR long enough to watch Shelly and LaVonne stamp that apple in a RAINBOW pad on glossy cardstock.  It was so upscale!

Then it went away.  I don't remember for how long.  But, it's been a minute.  I know Glossy never met these colors - Powder Pink, Sahara Sand, Peach....You know - it's a whole new Century!

I think I should be glad it is Friday.  The week started with some dreaming/planning the Greek Incentive vacation with friends while eating, stamping and trying not to blind ourselves watching the eclipse.  I have managed to get a lot done - much of it technology wise - which is always a challenge.  Tonight will finish the week up with same friends - stamping again.  I am a bit nervous.  Sometimes when I stamp "in public" - it's a scary thing!

Check back in early September for the shopping list and the tips on the how to's for this card!  You won't want to miss the freebie on the card either....I will post a reminder on my Facebook when the Freebie goes live, so make sure to follow me there!

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