Aug 27, 2017

Quick Tip: Using Foil Papers with the Thinlits

I hear and read a lot of stampers who express frustration when working with the metallic foil papers and Big Shot framelits and thinlits.  Here is a short and simple video to help you take care of the problem!

The problem arises from both the bumps that allow the papers to release from the dies.  The foil paper has a tendency to have them impressed into your image.  

All you need to do is run the piece BACK through the plates.  You will need a plate that is fairly new - if you use an older plate with lots of cuts - then you will simply swap the dots with all the cut marks.  

Lay your cut out piece between the 2 plates with a piece of cardstock laying on top of the top play.
Roll the sandwich through.  Because all Big Shots are a little different - you might need to adjust the cardstock - use typing paper or two sheets of cardstock, whatver works best for you.

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