Aug 17, 2017

When you need a Birthday Card for someone Gorgeous!

Here is today's video - it's quick even though you will notice that I did not have all my stamps there....and I double checked everything.  Grr.  On my sped up video version the 'looking' doesn't take quite so long.

The post yesterday had a close up version of just stamping the words with some tips on how to do that the easiest way.  If you want to make this or a similar birthday card, take a second to watch that tutorial.
The stamp set has an adorable balloon - maybe one of the cutest we have ever had. The 'two step' stamping also lines up very well.  You will ALWAYS get a better aim if you look right over your paper while you stamp, but I don't want to video the top of my head so I hope for the best when filming.  

You can pop over to my Youtube channel to see more ideas.  You can also click the "3 minute video" link on the side to be taken to all of the ones that are on this website (not all of them are though).  If you want to know when I post a video you can subscribe to my channel.  Easy to do - just click the video at the top of this post and when it finishes, click on my name to go to my channel.

I have a Drs appt today and then errands.  None of which sound fun and both of which I wish I could skip.  Maybe YOU have some time to go stamp something fun?

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