Sep 13, 2017

An experiment in cuteness: Test Tubes Day 4 of our Blog Hop

Today we are taking test tubes out of the science lab and into the craft room!  The real test here is finding the cleverest little things that you can fit inside them....

I wanted to put something in mine besides tiny candies - I do have some splintered cinnamon sticks - so that was one option.  I suffer from migraines and I carry a pouch of peppermint beads in my purse.  When you feel a migraine coming on they can help if you smell them.  I looked online, but they are pricey - but on Amazon I found these Inhalation Beads!
They came with the same pouch that the peppermint beads come with - but mine were perfect for the tubes - and such a pretty color!  I do wish you could smell them!  Because the idea is to have them to carry in your purse or keep in your office drawer for when you might be feeling stuffy - I wanted them to be a little sturdier than some of our standard things might be.

Before running the leaves through the Big Shot I used the adhesive sheets to stick two pieces back to back.  This not only makes them sturdier, but it makes them pretty on both sides.  Using regular cardstock, this would not have been an issue - but since I was using DSP, foil and glimmer paper - all of my backs were not the same as my fronts.

I then used the copper thread as actual thread to 'sew' the leaves together.  I also used the needle to pull the thread into the cork as well and then a time or two through the knot of the copper ribbon, just to make sure if it's in your purse - it all stays attached.  They are bright and cheery too. 

If you give these away to friends or family members who might be feeling under the weather  - the cheery yellow and sunny golds might just brighten their days a little.
If you have a hard time filling your tubes you can see in the video that I took one of the bags that some of our ribbon came in and snipped off one corner.  You can then stick that down in the test tube and fill them up that way.  Everyone seems to want to fill the tubes to the top - leave room for your cork!  I also left a little room in these to shake the beads at that seems to make them smell a little stronger.

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Janet Wakeland said...

Of to shop at amazon - such an enabler but I love the smell of peppermint, bet they have inhalation beads as well. Love the way you embellished the test tube as well~

Cheri said...

Janet - here is the Amazon link for the beads -

Francine Wilson said...

I need these beads and the color is beautiful with the packaging!

jlcantrell said...

Love how you too the ordinary and made it extraordinary!!! Who wouldn't want to carry them around and show off to every one!!!

valscrap said...

wow !!! i love the idea, it's very cute and a perfect gift