Sep 2, 2017

It's THE punch of the Century. It's THE CAT punch.

Today's Freebie:  The Clear Tiny Treat Boxes.  Spend $75 on my website using Hostess Code 2MVRWQRT and I will mail you a package of the Tiny Treat Boxes featured in today's video.  If you are able to pick your boxes up at class or camp then you will just need to order $65 for your freebie.  Value of your freebie is over $9!  Offer is valid from Sept 2, 2017 7am-midnight EST.


We have cats.  We have two cats.  Lord Branson and Lady Sybil.  If you follow me on Instagram Sibi often makes an appearance as she is by my side for most of the day.  There is nothing she likes better than a warm chair, so if you leave where you were, it's hers.  There is no "calling it"

 Branson is the protector of the house.  He roams all night long.  Since none of the humans seem keen to keep watch he must do the work for us.  He brings us all of his kills, fuzzy ropes, shiny balls and flattened squirrels so we wake with beds full of prizes.  Sibi goes to sleep by my feet when I get in bed and when I get up, so does she.

Branson loves camp - actually he loves the bags the ladies bring to camp.  He inspects each one.  Not all of the ladies are cat people (no need to mention names, we know who you are, lol)  Fortunately they are good sports, because well, Branson and Sibi are people cats.

This fun little treat box is made with the HOT new punch (if you are a cat person....otherwise imagine it without the cat - or a flower, lol)

I used a mismatch of dies and pieces.  The pumpkin you can see from the video pops out adorable little 3-d stars.  When I was designing it they were falling into my trash pile and I noticed they were far too cute to be trash! To adhere them just stick them into the back of your Snail so they get some sticky on them and you are good to go.

Just a few days ago I posted a video tip on how to get the dots that are apt to get into your foiled dies out - in the case of the pumpkin - I liked them and thought they went well with the overall look of the card so I left them.
If you know of an animal shelter or animal charity I think this punch would be a great way for them to send thank you's and other communication.  Pass along the post to them.  If they are interested I would be glad to sell it to them at my cost.  Both of our kitties came from Humane Societies.  

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