Sep 19, 2017

September Events Wrapping Up!

September is just flying by!  It seems like we were just basking in the final days of summer and now  it's nearly time for all of the fun things that are going to take place in October.  Before we get there - I wanted to remind you of one last event to take place this month - and show off the one that was this past Saturday.

This Thursday the 21st is "Mini Camp" - a scaled down version of camp.  Just 3 projects - $10.  This month it's a "Best Of" - so we will be doing 3 of everyone's favorite projects from September camp.  The wine and the wedding card (both above) and the sunflower card which was done on the barnwood.  You can drop in anytime between 4-6 on Thursday afternoon for the mini camp.  Just need to let me know by Wednesday night if you want to come.

This past Saturday was the first of a series of classes that I am doing for women in their 20's to introduce them to stamping!  They make 4 projects, have some brunch, meet some new people, try some new things.  It's all free.  The 4 cards in this post were not made by me.  So - how's that?!  I designed the cards (the elephant one was designed by my 23 year old daughter) and they make their own version of the same.  There will be a Christmas card class and then another general cards one in late January.  If you know any gal in her 20s who might like to give stamping a try - feel free to point her my way!

I have some things to get finished up this week and then next week the plan to is to start getting some Thanksgiving and Christmas projects out for you!

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