Oct 10, 2017

Adorable Hot Chocolate Bar Gifts using Stampin' Up! Products

Today I have some super easy - but oh, so adorable gifts you can whip out in no time at all.  They will be perfect for co-workers, teachers, friends, secret santas, neighbors and just to have on hand to make someone's day!  My daughter and I did a craft fair this last weekend and while we don't sell anything- I wanted something on the table that would grab attention as people walked by - and these did just that.
These little jars are filled with marshmallows - but not just any marshmallows..... I dipped them in melted Ghiradelli white chocolate and then rolled them in glittered sugar.  Once dried I crammed them into these vintage look jars.  They are so sparkly!  I am not a huge sweets person  - so white chocolate is not my thing..... But I have it on VERY GOOD AUTHORITY from the recipient of one of the jars - that the marshmallows are very tasty.  In fact, she has made her own batch.  When you plop them in your hot chocolate -the glitter sugar stays a bit crunchy, the white chocolate protects your marshmallow and it's just a whole new experience.  

The jars are made with the green sprigs and embossing paste that I showed you earlier.  If you missed that - then click HERE.  I just tied the ribbon around, added the sprigs and then ornament and some DSP and a stamp on the top.  I stamped with friends yesterday - and let me tell you - the embossing paste with the sprigs - that was taken to a whole new level.  I hope next week on my Fabulous Friends Friday that she lets me share a picture of what she did with them.  Mind Blowing.

Next I made these little Hot Chocolate Bar Treat Tubes Packs. Are they just not the cutest?

One of the best discoveries was shoving those tubes in the Acetate Card Boxes and finding out they fit the right way height wise - and then going all the way to find out - YES - they fill the box perfectly with 8 tubes!!

I love the Striped Ribbon.  I love that it's black - you can mix it with all of the colors and the papers we have in the catalog this year.  I kept it simple to match my jar so my table at the fair would tie together nicely.

Because I was rushed for time (when are we not rushed for time?) I turned to Amazon to order most of the items to fill my tubes.  As it was, once I made it to a craft store I went to see if they had any other items that would be cute in future "little bars." The prices on Amazon for most of the items are significantly cheaper.  
If you think you might make these - I have included the Amazon links at the bottom of this post.  Turns out when you take ten years off from your job to do another job and try to turn your affiliate links back on - they need you to prove you are really going to do it this time :) I would be most appreciative if you are going to purchase - that you could click through on my links to get some of the items.  Please and thanks!

Here is what is included in my tubes from Left to Right - Andes Red and White mint chips (from the grocery),  Edible Glitter Stars (below, Takes 2 vials - but it's the cutest part of the whole thing!), Cinnamon Red Hots (makes me want to make those green wreaths from cornflakes!), Andes Mint Chips, The Sparkling Sugar (below),  Peppermint Sprinkles (below), Mini Marshmallows (below), Layered Sprinkles (below).

To fill my 3 jars with marshmallows and the one tube with sugar - it took about 1 container of the sugar sparkles.

I have some S'mores to Go, Sugar Cookies to Go and some other packets that I will be featuring too!  So check back over the coming days to get some more packaging ideas.  By the time Christmas comes - you will have lots of fun gift, baking and party ideas!  If you are in the Indianapolis area - both of these items will be made at some of my upcoming events!

all orders placed with me today through October 12th - that are over $65 with the hostess code  KZY4CQF9  when prompted at checkout - email me with the subject line "green sprigs" and I will send you a package of them completely FREE!


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