Oct 20, 2017

Autumn Days and Nights

I spent most of the day running errands.  Returning things.  Buying paint.  Wandering looking at potential shelves.  (Did we used to shop faster when we couldn't text while shopping?)  No need to answer, I know what the answer is.

The weather in Indy was glorious - so running errands wasn't quite as bad.  But home from the grocery and house stuff calls.

I have a digital frame that I switch pictures with each season - and for 'times' of year.  To remember when we were on special trips.  Anniversaries.  Birthdays.

I need to update the Autumn stick.  We have more boys than we did the last time I downloaded to it.

What are your Autumn traditions?  Are you fortunate to live where October is Glorious?
We always pick apples at the orchard - for a few years we missed it because sports took over.  We used to be on the golf course - 6 days a week - hours a day.  Then "poof" those days were over.  Life changes so fast.  But, now we have time to pick apples again.  

We were a family of nearly all girls - now the boys are taking over.  We still fit in a hay ride almost every year.  My brother in law is the world's best hay ride engineer.  Our kids grew (and are growing) up thinking all families just get to go out on giant family hay rides.

This picture was taken in Autumn in May (in Australia).  The last visit we had there.  At some of our dearest friends homes.  She loved gardens and colors.  Not many trees change color there, so she made sure to include many in her garden that would.  Glorious.  She now views Autumn colors from the Heavens.  Life changes so quickly.  It's been that mellow kind of week.  

Enjoy this Autumn.  Take time to really notice your Blessings!

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